Boost recommendations on your products

Boost recommendations on your products


budgetbox Review Booster

Motivate your consumers to submit their opinions on your products.

Today's consumers are increasingly looking for transparency and information about the products they buy. And not only on high-tech products or household appliances: customer reviews have appeared in the mass retail sector! 68% of digital path customers already consult opinions on everyday products1.

The arrival of customer reviews is a real lever to accelerate sales: when a product reaches 50 reviews, its sales increase by an average of 30%!2
However, collecting a significant number of opinions on everyday products can be difficult.

The budgetbox Review Booster solution encourages your consumers to give their opinion on your products, by rewarding the time they spend on them with a discount voucher.
1Harris Interactive 2018 Budgetbox Study
2BazaarVoice 2016 Study
Review Booster

The objective

Obtain as quickly as possible 50 additional reviews on your products, of national brands or distributors

The results

The number of customer reviews by product is on average multiplied by 4 in one week!

How does it work ?

  1. 1. Some time after the purchase of a product, the consumer receives an email offering him to give his opinion in exchange of a discount voucher.
  1. 2. The consumer gives his opinion with just a few clicks.
3. He can access his discount voucher directly on his account during his next shopping session, online or in-store, on his self-scanning device.

Why is it effective?

A network of more than 200 partner brands

The budgetbox Review Booster campaigns on national brands are funded by our network of partner brands that want to increase the number of reviews on their products.

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