Offer a Scan & Go app to streamline your customers' in-store experience

Discover our market-leading mobile applications and Scan & Go scanners to improve your customers’ in-store experience and build loyalty.

of French people use in-store self-scanning
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The ultimate in-store shopping experience 

Make your customers’ lives easier and meet their expectations:

  • Personalized discounts
  • Shopping list
  • Product locator
  • Customer reviews
  • Self checkout
  • In-app payment (card, credit meal vouchers)
  • Promotion management
  • Shopping credit
  • Queue busting
  • Inventory
  • Price checking
  • Exit terminal

Digitize your in-store points of sale

Get your customers coming back to your stores by offering them an improved and personalized digital experience via connected shopping applications. Digitalising the in-store experience reinforces your image as a modern retailer.

Help your customers save time

Get rid of queues, shoppers’ number one source of frustration in stores!

Our Scan & Go applications, customised to meet your brand image, allow your customers to easily scan items as they shop and pay once done. Digitising of points of sale meets their expectations in terms of time saving and convenience.

Provide them with personalized offers

Meet your customers’ expectations by offering them personalized and contextualized branded offers throughout their shopping journey, directly on their scanner or on the mobile app.

To maximize conversion, add an immediate discount to your marketing message.

of consumers choose their store based on promotions.
Easy integration with your self-scanning system

Our technical teams will support you throughout the integration process of our Scan & Go solutions on your network.

We work with tech partners, market-leaders in self-scanning and digital point-of-sale solutions.

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