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Success Story Mamie Nova

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In the fresh dessert market, Mamie Nova is a must. Since the 1950s, the brand has been constantly offering new creations to its consumers and has managed to make a lasting place for itself in the hearts of the French people. Today, Mamie Nova has more than 60 product references, its awareness rate reaches 75% and its penetration rate exceeds 30%!

Its consumers are now increasingly shopping on digital paths. To follow this new purchasing behaviour, Mamie Nova has a strong stake in developing its visibility and sales on these new channels, and in particular on the drive.

2018 was not a simple year for the fresh dessert market, which saw a 1.3% decrease compared to last year1. Some brands remain dynamic, such as Mamie Nova, which grew by +3.6% over its entire Desserts2 range.

It is in this challenging context that the brand wanted to “redesign” its flagship “Gourmand® Dessert” range, with a change of name and packaging: “Gourmand® Dessert” becomes “Gourmand® Fondant”. Modernizing an emblematic product of the brand is a daring challenge, especially since the products in the “Gourmand®” range are highly appreciated by consumers: a success illustrated by its first re-purchase rate of over 44%!

In this transformation, one of the most important challenges for Mamie Nova was to inform its consumers of the change made to the range, so as not to lose them. The second challenge was to attract new consumers to this “rebranded” range.

(1) IRI 2018
(2) IRI Total France, CAM P12 2018


Mamie Nova used the budgetbox Smart Recommendations solution to support her range changeover smoothly (like her “Fondant” range), on all digital shopping paths: online and in store (self-scanning).

Thanks to Smart Recommendations, Mamie Nova was able to communicate with the buyers of its “Gourmand®” range during their shopping to inform them of the change and build their loyalty: when fresh desserts were put in the basket, consumers in the range saw a visual display on their computer, mobile or scanner screen informing them of the new name and new packaging. To build their loyalty to this range with its new look, the brand has integrated a loyalty offer into its communication, which is worth buying 2 packs of “Fondant”.

To meet its 2nd objective, to recruit new consumers on “Fondant”, Mamie Nova offered to the buyers with high affinity to discover its range and test it with a discount voucher. For example, the test offer was proposed when purchasing fresh desserts to consumers of other Mamie Nova ranges, but also to all fans of fresh desserts.


  • A more than successful campaign to support this range change: the sales and turnover objectives on “Fondant” were largely exceeded (130% of the objectives achieved).
  • A very profitable campaign: the ROI was higher than the objectives set.
  • A campaign that allowed the “Fondant” range to be widely discovered: 1 in 3 consumers took advantage of the loyalty offer to mix between the range’s references.


« Mamie Nova’s stakes on this change of name and packaging were very high, as it is one of the brand’s flagship ranges. The Smart Recommendations solution from budgetbox has enabled us to support this transformation by supporting consumers at the most strategic moment: on the purchasing path.
We were pleasantly surprised by the results because consumers reacted very well to budgetbox communication during their shopping and to this relifting. The objectives of the campaign were achieved and even exceeded, making Smart Recommendations an effective and very cost-effective solution for us. »
 Charlotte Demonchaux, Product Manager Mamie Nova