To include a seasonal product in a daily consumption

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Water is a must, which makes it an important and highly competitive market. Sparkling water alone accounts for 27.6% of the turnover in the “water” category and consumers particularly appreciate the 50 cl and 1 litre formats.

However, the desire to drink sparkling water is very weather dependent. During the heat wave of 2015, for example, the French consumed between 20% and 31% more sparkling water.

To get out of the game, brands want to be part of a daily consumption.
Badoit therefore faces two major challenges:
– To be present in the daily life of the French by having a higher price than still water.
– Encourage the act of buying during and outside the summer months


Badoit used budgetbox Smart Recommendations to reach its core target: families in a purchasing situation.
The brand has been able to meet the expectations of each shopper by offering him offers adapted to his profile and consumption pattern.

Through its communication, Badoit has succeeded in retaining and recruiting consumers both on and off the shelf.


  • 70% of incremental sales


« We have to influence the shopper’s behaviour throughout the funnel and his buying process. budgetbox offers us a very effective solution that is as close as possible to the purchasing act to give visibility to our brands and boost our conversions. It is an effective solution that allows us to adapt our offers to the profiles of our buyers and their expectations. »

Arnaud BEAUVAL, Retail E-commerce Manager Badoit