Increase penetration through hyper-personalized recruitment

Madame Loik

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The fresh pasta cheese market is growing with indicators of +3.3% (volume) and +0.7% (value)[1]. Market growth is driven by natural references, although flavoured products are returning to a slightly higher growth rate, particularly in terms of volume.

Madame Loïk is the 2nd national brand of plain fresh cheese and the 4th national brand of flavoured fresh cheese with a depth of range extended by 7 references (Garlic and Fine Herbs, Shallot Chives, Fig Nuts, Nut Pieces, Goat, Blue and Pepper).

Ms. Loïk recorded the strongest volume growth in the market and remains the leading brand contributing to volume growth[1]. In this context, the brand requested budgetbox to meet three major objectives:
– Consolidate its positions in the nature segment,
– Gain market share in the flavoured fresh pasta segment,
– Give omni-channel visibility to the brand.


Ms. Loïk used the budgetbox_Smart Recommendations solution to create impulse buying and recruit new consumers with personalized recommendations during the purchase process combined with an immediate discount on the brand’s products.

Throughout the campaign, thanks to the insights provided by budgetbox, Mrs Loïk was able to detect new growth drivers through live tests & learn operations.


  • 86% of contacts were allocated to recruitment.
  • 3/4 of the campaign sales are incremental.
  • New recruitment levers identified.
  • Development of traffic within the different ranges Madame Loïk.
[1] Source : LAÏTA