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In France, dairy products represent a huge market of 4.5 billion euros in supermarkets. Despite this figure, sales have been eroding since 2012 (-8% between 2012 and 20171).

This erosion is explained by competition from other market segments such as compotes and the emergence of new consumption patterns among French shoppers.

By capitalizing on its high reputation (nearly 70%), Bonne Maman wishes to capture new consumption patterns and growing segments of the sector.


Bonne Maman used budgetbox_Smart Recommendations to gain penetration with its core target – connected families – by activating an important lever in this segment: the buying impulse.

Targeted consumers benefited from native recommendations for Bonne Maman mousses during their shopping, combined with immediate discount coupons to justify speaking out and stimulate buying.


  • 90% of the affected households were not buyers of the brand.
  • 75% incremental sales.
  • ROAS: 260% (390% year-round).


We are in a market of personalization and impetus. We were seduced by the budgetbox_Smart Recommendations solution for the following reasons: the media is very relevant to reach our core target audience (personalization, immediacy and native communication), it is measurable on sales and it helps us to better understand our consumers’ expectations.
In my opinion, the budgetbox_Smart Recommendations solution is perfectly suited to our market but it is very relevant for all sectors that have the same challenges as us.

Juliette Prévot : CDG Bonne Maman UF
Sandrine Moussié : CDP Bonne Maman UF