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For many reasons, people are consuming less and less meat and a new consumer profile is emerging: the flexitarian one.
The “plant catering” market then experienced impressive growth: +140% of turnover over the last 12 months! According to Linéaires, supply increased by a factor of 2.4 between August 2015 and August 2017.

In this context, brands must take into account the new eating habits of consumers. Herta therefore launched “Le Bon Végétal” in June 2016 to meet market demand. It is the first non-specialist brand to have invested in plants. And it was a great success: 11th best food and non-alcoholic beverages launch in 2016, with a penetration rate of 5.3% and a first re-purchase rate of 47%. One year after its launch, Herta Le Bon Végétal concentrates ¼ on segment sales of €14 million.

This market attracts covetousness and many brands are launching into this field.
Herta must therefore:
– Develop the use of Le Bon Végétal products
– Strengthen its positions in this increasingly competitive market
– Build buyer loyalty and develop their shopping baskets


To meet its challenges, Herta has chosen to use the budgetbox solution Smart Recommendations.

In partnership with Herta, budgetbox followed the following methodology:
1/ Identification of the most appealing purchasing behaviours according to each brand objective
2/ Implementation and dissemination of personalized and contextualized recommendations throughout the purchasing process, with an immediate reduction that generates momentum.
3/ Real-time management and adjustment to maximize campaign performance while controlling the budget.

The brand has thus succeeded in:
– Develop penetration among buyers in the category
– Increase your food rate
– Identify the most ROI-oriented recommendations


  • 80% of incremental sales.
  • KPI’s exceeded: 112% of sales and turnover targets achieved
  • ROAS: confidential


“Herta has launched into the plant market with the Le Bon Végétal range. We had already used budgetbox at the launch, which was part of our activation plan. Also, it seemed interesting to me to call on them again to develop the brand’s penetration. budgetbox is innovative thanks to its targeting on omnichannel digital channels which offers an immediate reduction to shoppers in order to influence its purchasing behaviour, which differs for example from solutions with deferred BIS.”

Matthieu Chrétien, Marketing Manager for Herta Brands