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During the winter of 2016/2017, the handkerchief category performed very well. As the 2017 winter season approaches, Lotus’ objective was to maintain its leading position at a 37.3% market share (1) by supporting its sales to qualified and defined targets over a highly competitive and promoted period.

The brand then needs to emerge on the shopper course to:
– Develop its presence in the minds of consumers
– Build brand preference and recruit
 Develop attachment to Lotus

(1) source LSA 2017


Lotus Mouchoirs used budgetbox and its Smart Recommendations solution to bring its products to the digital, online and in-store buying paths, and to defend its market share during the season.

Thanks to ultra-personalized product recommendations, offered while shopping and associated with an immediate discount, Lotus was able to:
– Emerging from the shelf and creating presence in mind to remind you to buy tissues at the right time on the course.
– Reach the most relevant customers, based on their behaviour and purchasing habits.
– Speak omnichannel to connected consumers (e-commerce, in-store self scanning) with premium and native communication.

In particular, Lotus has strengthened its positions on tissues by reaching buyers of other products of the brand (toilet paper, paper towels, baby cottons, sticks, etc.). When purchasing a Lotus product without tissues, consumers received a communication with a discount voucher for 2 Lotus Handkerchiefs products to complete their shopping cart.


  • The campaign reached 275,000 qualified contacts
  • Among the new consumers recruited, there was 33% re-purchase


« We are in a seasonal market. During the winter season, promotions are on the rise. Lotus wanted to stand out by touching the right shopper. Thanks to budgetbox, we had the ideal solution to recruit and retain during this key period, by recreating the buying impulse. Working with them was a formidable practical task; we work with people we trust, without any unpleasant surprises. »

Margaux Buisson – Category Manager E-commerce